My name is Jim Carrillo, and I enjoy the growth I’ve made as an effective communicator.  Working in the technical career field, communication is the most critical element to having a positive impact in business.

From a support perspective, communication means being able to interact with those who need support effectively.  During my first trip to China, I recall the stress of not understanding the language, and the inadequacy I felt when the locals would talk to me in their native language, and have no patience with my inability to understand.  While I knew a few words, instead of speaking slower, they just spoke louder.  Growing up as a native English speaker, I never experienced this at home, although I understand now that many visitors and immigrants to America have this same feeling of inadequacy that I did.  I began to look at communication in a completely different light, and recognized that this issue exists in areas beyond just language.  When I see IT support professionals trying to explain the technical details to a non technical person, it reminds me of my visit to China; one person speaking fast and loud, and the one in need of help – feeling inadequate.  Effective communications is critical to a positive impact.

From a business development perspective, I’ve seen an equal importance in communication.  Beyond simply the sale of a product, the business development functions in any company need to be able to clearly articulate the value proposition of the product or service being offered.

With an undergraduate degree in Engineering, and a Masters Degree in Business Administration, I’ve developed an expertise at being able to relate technical obscurities to practical life examples – and have applied this skill in Project Management, IT Support, and Business Development functions of business.

I’ve also worked with companies to provide training to their staff.  Whether it’s an Accounting Package or Warehouse Management Software, customized training allows the people in the organization to understand how interacting with the computer relates to the bottom line – success for the business and success for the employee.


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Morgan Hill CA (Silicon Valley)